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Crystal Quartz Empower Gem Necklace

This natural gemstone necklace is part of our Empower Gem Necklace collection.

Fine 2mm beads hand strung with a sterling silver adjustable clasp to wear this necklace from 39 - 43cm lengths. These necklaces have a handcrafted brass healing hands lotus charm attached and you can also slide other Palas charms onto these necklaces or wear them on their own. Created to match the 9 gemstone bracelet and protection wraps these necklaces can be worn or gifted with the same gemstone from each collection or a mixture of stones.

  • 39 - 43cm length

  • (2mm round bead)

  • Crystal quartz, brass and sterling silver

Crystal Quartz is the ‘master healer’ and can amplify energy and thought.

It can absorb, store, release and regulate energy and clear the mind of negativity to inspire physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Crystal Quartz can stimulate the immune system and bring the body into balance. It harmonises all of the chakras and may help with diabetes, ear infections, balance, heart health, pain or discomfort and weight loss.