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Bamboo Bilby

You can help save the Bilby!

Designed in-house by Earth Greetings and laser cut locally (round the corner from our office in Adelaide!) from solid bamboo. 

The Greater Bilby is an iconic marsupial of outback Australia that once occupied 70% of the Australian mainland and now only remains in remote parts of Western Queensland, The Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Tragically, introduced predators like the red fox and feral cats have devastated Bilby numbers and are an ongoing and significant threat to the survival of many of our other native animals.

Save the Bilby Fund is committed to saving the Bilby from extinction by direct action and engaging community support through education and improved awareness. For more information about Save the Bilby Fund and other ways you can help the long term survival of the species, visit

  • Australian made
  • Size: 8cm x 9cm
  • Biodegradable bamboo 
  • 100% recycled card tag

Kindness to our Planet
We love bamboo, because it's incredibly fast growing, and absorbs carbon at up to 6 fold the rate of trees grown in plantation form. This bamboo has been sourced from a managed plantation in China (which is the main source of bamboo as a raw material) and no water or pesticides are used to grow it. The carbon emissions from transportation of the material from China to Australia and the production of the coasters are offset through our Carbon Neutral certification, making this a carbon neutral product.

How to Dispose of Sustainably

Bamboo and hemp string is naturally biodegradable and both can be home composted. The cardboard tag can go in the recycling.